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In October 9, 2010, went to the window above

Our living room window sill height of about 30 centimeters,78 line of vegetables (a), relatively wide,Adidas Jeremy Scott, usually I like to play on the windowsill,http://www.nikesforce1.com/ Since I was a child,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, so my mother for my side angle corner labeled a collision shall,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, under the floor on the floor vibration and mats,Nike Lebron 8 the movement first down backward, so to avoid me by the physical pain.
At noon today,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, mom and smell my father cook to float fragrant, the side of his mouth praise father cooking soars when, beside my grandmother took Mom and dad yelled up,Nike Air Force 1 High, all climbed onto the windowsill above me.

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Cold agar -- we can do for the disaster area......

Because now arrived at the disaster site or very difficult,The latest soya-bean milk machine Joyoung long how proper physical conditioning,Jeremy Scott Adidas, so we are the best way to help is donating money and blood! Click here we can understand in detail the various ways to donate HH I try the following
three ways contributions, we hope to help 1) edit the text message 1 or 2,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, send to 1069999301, send success will receive 10699993 or 10658166 thanks receipt! You may not receive receipt, the system may
be busy,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, never mind! This is no limit to the number of times, can send a text message donations,Marriage is a pair of shoes,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2! 2) as long as we have online banking account,Or a Buyi seed it, can log on to contribute! Click immediately contributions
by the corresponding steps!) in the 3 unit or community organization donation activities to donate clothes! What everybody temporarily can be retained, and the situation in the disaster areas to stabilize
before donating too late! Hope this disaster earlier in the past,Adidas Porsche Design, wish the people in the disaster area! Cold agar agar with: 1) 40 degrees warm water soak for 2 hours, rinse and drain 2) cucumber slice

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On sixty years.

On &quot ;sixty &quot ;Retired !Join the ranks, see several peers wrote &quot ;sixty &quot .;the article. This is exactly I sixty after the biggest feeling .I want to combine my situation ,but also to talk about this topic.
I am twenty-four years old, graduated from Beihang University ,then graduates are allotted by the state ( your choice is very small ) .I thirty-six years worked in the electronic department in Beijing belongs to three units in service :factory production lines to go in for technical innovation ,technical innovation ,Adidas Wings,work installed ,mold ;in the laboratory to conduct routine ,reliability testing ,debugging to introduce a variety of test equipment ;in military electronic components industry to carry out national military standard ,quality certification ;in the scientific research system of Electronic Science and technology group reform ;for a briefing ,publications and scientific literature ;engaged in military electronic development strategy and intelligence to study HH in this circle, working is thirty-six years .
For this industry I contribute my knowledge ,energy and whole ,youth 2004years.One day in June ,the personnel department cadre retirement notice sent to me ,remember those days I was doing integrated electronic information system research program , busy for the task group to collect intelligence information ;I was the editor in chief of a book entitled the world to the police machine overview about print ;should a hospital leadership requirements ,a full system meeting being prepared .
.. Retired it in the system ,Psychological FM 131st hope that the body is full of charm of the 10 Secret,and in reason ,put in front of me .Then ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,I used the time of two many months over all the work .Take things as they come. .from September 1, 2004 onwards ,I don .
To achieve a real sense of the Retired! I appreciate what &quot ;who is the owner of &quot ;.First of all ,I don to get up early every day travel 180inlate ;secondly ,I found that I don to &quot XXX &quot ;key project ;heavy &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;most urgent ;things get lit :on ,the need for further writing report ,overtime of the intestinal Guadu ;for ,not a place ,a place called reminder statements and manuscript ;without the need to raise kind ,entertainment ( formalism ) endless meeting ;unit scholars scorn each other.
It, dating or ;room performance salary, bonuses and more or less ,or ,and I never mind .Retirement from the moment ,I have the right to refuse ,by the people instigate There is no feeling .
Since then, do not want to say can not say, do not want to hear the will can not ,do not want to participate in the activities can not participate in H is really out of sight, out of mind.
When going to work, have a lot of hobbies ,many want to do ,because not squeeze time to learn ,to do sorry .I now is the master of time ,my time to my command ,I can learn I want to learn the knowledge ,to do whatever I want .
Sixty life is a golden time .Think small, this time is me in recent years have been longing for .Remember 2001 wewent to Shanxi Research Institute of electronic system reform ,pass by the Wangs Courtyard.
Hospital a poetic couplet ,left deep impression to us :wealth and rank the hard time for another contentment is landscape bamboo flowers without constant master who is the owner of this is presumably experienced life ,wealth and rank, have landscape bamboo flowers .
Later in life ,to realize a philosophy. It is in fact warned those facing rich ,landscape bamboo flower desire endless people ( such as Pushkin in goldfish and fish ,described in the old woman ) clear ,realistic treatment of external things, you should have much enjoy much ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,not greed .
Focus on I like the How to grasp the life ,to enjoy life ,to do the masters of time .My understanding of life has increased, and these years have the opportunity to have a look around the domestic ,abroad is very much.
At home in Tibet and outside Taiwan ,the country most of the provinces and ran almost, abroad from 97 years before,I have to go the Australian ( two ) ,Russia ( two ) ,Ukraine ( three ) ,the United States ,Hongkong ,Macao ,Malaysia ,Singapore ,Vietnam ,Burma, .
.. ( mostly at his own expense .) go have a look natural to contrast ,thinking :those countries workers ,farmers ,intellectuals are not so much thought guidance ( of course ,they are religious ,note: I was an atheist) ,so many sports ,struggle ,not the good life ?( even better than us many ) why are we so fighting ,even bucket half alive ?(I am here is not to deny those for the country ,for the nation by the need to struggle and fight ) seems to be all these years of selection ( life ) guiding ideology have certain one-sidedness .
China has its own history ,their own national conditions, copy other countries will not work. But it is necessary for us to conduct their own Seek truth from facts ,profound anatomic and reflection,Nanjing IELTS Summer boutique 6 classes, 6.5 classes, learn from other people good ,mature practices ,to revise our many naive and wrong.
People should have faith and the guiding ideology ,but faith and thought if free ,happy ,let the people from the heart I believe you ,follow you ,rather than human ,imposed when young .
I followed the chairman and the heavens and the earth, fighting an endless enjoyment thought ,did some at the time thought was the right thing ,now think of it without an endless enjoyment feeling ,feel a bit silly.
(I do not know his old chairman into later life ,to own the doings ever thought what? ) I am more and more like &quot ;harmony between man and nature ,the pursuit of a harmonious &quot ;road, into a more inclusive ,a higher level ( of course ,we do not exclude competition and necessary struggle ) .
I would later in sixty along this direction. Retirement means second life began at the age of sixty .After years,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, everyone concentrated decades of knowledge ,experience ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,wisdom and ability ,is our golden time .
Also wants to do something ?( units have no our play ,China still does not have sound play retirees mechanism ) The state gives us the right to rest .Why don use our knowledge ,keep up with the times ( at least not far behind ) ,enjoy life ?I is positioning himself :around the world forest, while the arms ,legs and can do anything, to make up in our youth ,youth ,middle age didn and do not come and sentiment of many things .
First is according to its own economic might ,arrange a tour plan in the rest of one ,walking, look. See more domestic ,foreign landscape ,feel each country ,each nation local customs and practices ,have a look people in how to live ?Secondly ,close to nature, in my wet white riverside apartment after anterior chamber ,a little fruit and flowers ,in the green farm on my 119vegetable( last year more than 20 kinds of vegetables) ;also intends to learn more about the computer application ,make the scholar does not go out ,know the world thing ;do one blog in this platform ,and old friends ,new friends exchanges ;read a book ;to learn a little English ( our community several old men ,old lady spontaneous formation of an English learning group ) ;an increase of photography skills; listening to some music ;a step ,practice sword ,playing A little ( table tennis ) ball ;swimming ( to ensure a good body ,Adidas sports shoes men's shoes _ cycling shoes bike shoes casual shoes sports shoes _ _ shopping...,in order to achieve their second life plan ,do not give children trouble ) ;drove to the skilled degree ( the fast fast ,the slow, slow ,safety assurance) ;to sum up their own way .
.. Perfect life from now on !People to sixty ,review this paragraph of time ,my space ,spiritual space ,I can take one ,remain free to do what you want ,I feel life happy .Friends meeting always ask me :you retired didn ?What do you do all day ?Do the things above plan ,want to do these things and always feel that time is not enough ,( and ,also take some time to our elders ,daughter ,friends and neighbors .
.. ) you may not believe it ,I nearly every day until after 12 go to bed.If you are interested in ,will let me use my pen and camera recorded in my blog, we communicate with each other .
give my blog names :Providence has about --- my retirement. longitudinal on the I sum up four words :back back before worthy worry-free pursuit of harmony harmony warm .Finally, I want to tell you is that sentence :sixty years of good! Let perfect life from now on .


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